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Is your child ready for singing lessons?

Updated: 2 days ago

Think of singing lessons as learning to play a new instrument, like piano or violin.

If your child:

  • Is motivated to sing

  • Can concentrate for 30 minutes

  • Is committed to practice at home twice a week to a preset easy to follow program

  • Is mature enough to commit to longer-term lessons

  • Has patience to work through singing barriers and see them through

  • Is age 7 or older (or displays the above)

Then they could be ready for singing lessons.

A typical lesson could consist of:

  • Technique instruction

  • Learning about the voice

  • Scales and vocal exercises

  • Singing and learning songs

  • Recording the voice at appropriate intervals, etc.

As their voices are still developing, consistent repetition is necessary to ensure correct, healthy technique is put in place as well as muscle memory and strengthening the voice. This takes time and most children would need to take longer-term lessons to reach a good level of singing.

Vocal exercises and scales (vocal development apart from singing songs) may be a bit boring for some children who “just want to sing” and singing lessons may not be appropriate for them just yet.

Young children may need some guidance from parents to develop a good practice routine at home and may need some supervision during their practices.

To see the best results, I encourage parents to attend lessons with their children so that they are aware of what they should be practicing at home.

"Singing is an amazing journey of finding your voice."

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