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Letitia Lindeque Vocal Coach

Guiding you to finding your unique singing voice

"You can be a really great singer, if you spend time developing
and training your voice"


Give a gift that lasts forever...

*Gift vouchers are available for paid options.

What I do

Vocal Coaching & Vocal Technique Instruction

in contemporary singing styles

I truly believe that everyone can learn to sing (assuming your voice is healthy) and should sing!  Singing is freeing and there's no better feeling than being able to sing your favourite song, freely, with no limitations, knowing your voice won't let you down.  I want everyone to experience that feeling and I'd love to guide and encourage you on your singing journey.  Whether you're a complete beginner or seasoned professional, vocal instruction can benefit your voice immensely.


I particularly want to encourage you, if you've experienced discouragement from others, to take lessons.  If you don't know how to sing, I can teach you.  Singing is a skill you can learn, like learning to play a new instrument.  It just takes practice, knowledge and time.

I teach healthy vocal techniques that help balance and develop the voice to achieve a clear and even tone throughout the vocal range.  I ensure you have the necessary basic foundation to achieve a healthy strong singing technique.  Depending on your goals a typical lesson can consist of: 

  • vocal scales and exercises 

  • ear training and listening techniques

  • vocal pedagogy, including posture, breathing, placement, articulation, diction, tone, resonance, vocal dynamics, etc.

  • practical singing skills and implementation of techniques learned

  • recording the voice at periodic intervals to track progress

  • building self confidence and resilience

  • working on performances and songs 

  • microphone techniques

  • implementing stylistic aspects and singing techniques

  • working towards a specific goal e.g. an audition 

  • balancing uneven tone 

  • perfecting advanced techniques like belting/high pressure singing and blending registers

  • upkeep of your voice and vocal health

  • analysing and working through vocal problems.


Think of me as a personal trainer for your voice!


If you're a beginner, intermediate singer, have never taken lessons before or need to learn more advanced techniques like learning to blend registers or belting/high pressure singing, can't access your full voice/range or have vocal problems like singing off key, no volume or power, can't reach high notes, push, strain or become hoarse after singing, etc., then I highly recommend taking regular weekly lessons.


This is different for each person and depends on factors such as, where you are on your vocal journey, skill level, ability to learn and apply techniques, frequency of practice, etc., but generally most people see improvements within a few weeks. Please read my blog on "How long does it take to learn to sing" for more information on this.


As with any instrument, consistent practice is necessary to see good improvement in a reasonable amount of time. 

I offer all new clients an opportunity to meet me, find out more about what I offer and discuss your singing goals in more detail (no singing is required at this session). This is usually a 30 - 45 minute session.

If a suitable timeslot isn't available via the online booking system, please contact me with your preferred day/time and I'll let you know as soon as one becomes available, thank you.  

Music Sheets


Please contact me to discuss alternative service options.

Pop Band


(Discounted rate/longer-term bookings)

The quickest way to improve and develop your voice is with consistent regular training.  On this option we explore your voice in-depth with one on one private singing lessons/vocal technique instruction, where you are free to express yourself, make mistakes and learn.

We really delve deeply into what makes your voice work, how it works, how to get the best out of it and most importantly what makes YOUR voice unique!

This is exciting and its like watching a flower go from bud to blossom where you will experience a lot of lightbulb moments along the way as you learn to free your voice to sing without limitations.

Recommended for beginners, intermediate and advanced singers.  Can be taken to an advanced/professional skill level or to the goal you would like to achieve with your voice.  


This is a longer-term option (taking lessons for longer than 3 months) as we focus on developing skill and improving the voice which takes time.  As such it is discounted and  offered as an option for clients and students committed to attending lessons every week.


Lessons are offered year-round (we don't work per term) from my private studio in Whataupoko, Gisborne, New Zealand.

Ages 7-13 (30 minute lesson $30)  

Ages 14 & up (45 minute lesson $45)

Ages 14 & up (60 minute lesson $60)

Live Recording


(Regular rate/short-term/casual bookings)

For vocal coaching or specific shorter-term goals like learning to master a song, help with an audition, upkeep sessions for your voice, once-off sessions, improving stylistic and technical aspects of songs, stage presence and song performance techniques, microphone techniques, how to improve the execution of songs, etc.

Recommended for intermediate/advanced and professional singers who don't need much vocal development or who aren't able to attend regular singing lessons.

Casual, as and when bookings.


Lessons are from my private studio in Whataupoko, Gisborne, New Zealand.

Ages 14 & up

60 minute session $80

Vocal Recording


If you're not in Gisborne but would like to take lessons or vocal coaching then this is the next best option!

Online lessons will require a reasonably good internet connection, Zoom and audio functionality.

Casual, as and when bookings.

Online via Zoom

Ages 14 & up

30 minute session $40

Image by Miguel Bautista


I developed the absolute beginner's singing course for those wanting to know a bit more about their voice, but who may be a little shy to sing in front of anyone.


There is no singing required on this course.  Included in the course are some exercises you can do in the privacy of your own home which will help you to explore your instrument (voice) and get to know it a bit better.  There are also a few exercises included that can help improve your voice and help with your singing confidence levels.

There are many myths about singing and in this course I address a few of them.

We all have a voice - some of us may just be a little shy or uncertain of how to use ours. 


My hope is that with a little bit of encouragement we will all learn to use our very unique and amazing voices to learn to sing.

Please contact me for more details and to discuss this option.


Approximately 90 minutes in duration

Course Fee - $100

Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen


If you've always wanted to know where you're at vocally, an analysis of your voice is a great starting point that would tell you where you currently are on your vocal journey.

During a vocal assessment, you would perform a song you've prepared and do a few exercises to assess various aspects of your voice.

You will learn where your vocal strengths and weaknesses  are, estimated vocal fach, range, tessitura, timbre, transition points, how your breathing and pitch recognition skills are, articulation/diction, dynamic control, register transition capability and overall general skill level (for contemporary vocals).

Vocal assessments may vary with vocal development & training. 


Please contact me for more details and to discuss this option.

60 minute vocal assessment - $80

Theater Group


Group singing lessons are similar to private one on one singing lessons, except that there will be more of us around, which tends to make things a lot more fun.

Although progress may be a little slower than private lessons, we will be able to do a few things together, like learning to harmonize, do different parts in a song, backing vocals, etc.


During group sessions we will be focusing on developing and improving the voice with focused vocal exercises, technique instruction and learning about the voice, we will also work on a song or two where we will implement the techniques we've learnt and put these to a song.

Please contact me if you're interested in joining a group singing lesson class.  We will be able to go ahead with group lessons as soon as we have a suitable group size.

Music Sheets


Image by Matthew Ball

"Letitia Lindeque Vocal Coach, not only is she a beautiful person, she also has a very beautiful soul. 

Tayne has been with Letitia just over a year and she has done so much for him.

Her style of coaching is very professional, her approach to the person learning is very patient, kind and caring and she can cater for both genders, which is marvelous.


She is honest and we just love her, Tayne will not miss a day of coaching with Letitia, and has not.


So take mine and Tayne's word, she is the most experienced vocal/singing coach I have come across, she knows her work, and if you persevere with her way of teaching, you will never look back.

Thank you Letitia, we appreciate all that you have done, hope you can put up with us for many more years."

— Patricia


"Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.


I have learnt so much about my voice.


I have enjoyed every moment, every yawn and every stupid time when I thought the note was higher than it really was!


You have taught me to relax and to believe in myself.


I know now, that I can sing anything I want to, if I just practice! I will never forget your investment in my life." 

— Miranda

Image by Luke Thornton

"Thank you very much, you are an amazing teacher.

I never would have believed that I would be able to get to even half my singing ability that I am at today!

I feel a lot more confident with my music and you gave me skills that I'll treasure for life."

— Khaled

Image by Elizeu Dias

"Singing is a way to express myself and to have fun.


Letitia taught me how to sing freely, she encouraged me not to be shy but to trust myself and my voice.


To me it was really important to find the right techniques so that I won't damage my voice and Letitia definitely taught me that.


She is an amazing teacher! She always believed that I could do it and showed me how I should practice to achieve my goals. She made singing so much more fun!"

— M


112 Russell Street, Whataupoko, Gisborne, New Zealand, 4010

0211 396 297

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Vocal Coach Gisborne

About Me

Singing and teaching singing is what I love.  It's part of who I am and even though I sometimes step away, I keep coming back.  Music has been my constant inspiration for more than 40 years and I see myself as a lifelong student of voice, because there is always more to learn about the voice.

My own vocal journey was turbulent.  I struggled to sing powerful ballads as a young girl with a sweet soft soprano.  I had to really push (shout) to achieve any vocal power.  This really messed up my voice and led to a number of vocal problems, including singing off key, vocal breaks, nasality and a weak tone.  Correcting the bad techniques took a few years, but with correct technique, knowledge and training I eventually found my vocal freedom.

In my search for vocal freedom, I gained knowledge on how the voice works from a number of excellent sources both classical and contemporary, having had instruction in both.

My vocal and musical experience includes singing professionally, recording a music album, voice over work for radio commercials, backing vocals for other artists' albums, lyrical content for artists' songs, collaborating with other musicians, producing/composing music on digital audio workstations, audio engineering, songwriting and vocal coaching.

I believe my greatest strength as a voice teacher is that I'm able to see the unique potential of each voice I work with and as such, I would guide and encourage my clients/students to achieve all they can with their voice.

If you have any medical issues with your voice e.g. hearing or physical problems, I recommend seeing a medical professional as I unfortunately can't help with these.

Singing Lessons Gisborne, New Zealand
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